Technology and Quality

Technology and Quality

Suzhou Constab Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd.  is in the same line with Kafrit Group, emphasizing that quality is the life of the company, and passed the quality system ISO9001-2015 tailored for the production of composites and masterbatch and the occupational health & safety system ISO45001-2018. Foreign advanced testing instruments and equipment, in conjunction with a senior quality management team, guarantee stable and accurate product quality from both hardware and software.

A rigorous quality control system runs through every link of raw material procurement, production, and product delivery. Each batch of products sold meets CONSTAB quality control standards.

1) Carry out strict incoming inspection of raw materials, adopt CONSTAB's global unified quality system to control the selection, high quality and stability of materials.

2) On-line production of masterbatch products are subject to routine testing (melt index, moisture, appearance, color, density, bulk density, etc.); the additive content in each batch is strictly controlled; other special tests (such as anti-blocking masterbatch Dispersibility, filter press test, etc.) effectively guarantee the stable performance of each batch of products.

3) The finished product must undergo strict re-inspection before leaving the factory to ensure that it meets the formula design requirements and performance indicators.

4) The laboratory information management software is combined with the intelligent early warning system of the production line to realize the informatization, process management, and detection data synchronization of all process activities in the production process, and real-time monitoring and alarming to ensure the quality of each batch of products Stablize.

5) The laboratory can complete a full set of tests from additives, finished products and downstream final applications to provide customers with complete solutions.

6) Continuous improvement of product quality, continuous improvement of work quality, continuous improvement of system quality, and promotion of enterprise development.